Delivery Information

Your order will be assigned to a shipping company based on your address, payment method and delivery time of your choice. 1- High-speed shipping: Shipping on the same day if the order is placed before 12:00 or on the following business day for orders placed after 12 o'clock. & Nbsp;

Make sure your customer service is available for your order where available for limited products and cities

Standard shipping: Your order will be shipped within 10 business days. & nbsp;

Each option has a different price to save You are Khi The duration of the connection depends on several factors, the shipping company itself, the city selected for delivery, your response to the carrier's contacts.

- To schedule the receipt: The shipping company will contact you via your mobile phone, and if you do not respond to the call, the shipping company will postpone delivery for the next day, & nbsp; < If you do not reply the following day, the shipping company may return the shipment to 4U brands, so be careful to answer your landline or mobile phone number when you wait for your order to expedite delivery.

will In general, shipping companies need 1-3 working days to ship your order to the shipping company. To send your order to you, depending on the city and in case your direct response to the carrier's contacts to determine the delivery date.

Although shipping companies are companies independent of 4U brands, Continuously monitor their performance, and try to speed up their response. & Nbsp;

... If there is any problem with the delivery please contact the customer service of the shipping company, also the customer service